What is CardHero?

CardHero is the ridiculously easy way to get a great card for your anniversary, your partner’s birthday, or any time you want to make someone feel special.

Spend four minutes on your phone or computer now and schedule a great card for delivery to your mailbox right when you need it. Since CardHero's AI-powered recommendation engine learns what style of card you want for a particular recipient, it takes even less time next year.

What’s so bad about the card aisle?

If you love the card aisle, that is great! My experience has always been negative. The cards are bland and awkward, with limited selection and surprising prices. Plus, I often forget to go until the last minute. I believe that buying a card should be a simple, enjoyable experience.

Why buy a card instead of making my own?

Please, please consider making your own card! Handmade cards can be amazing and carry so much meaning. Even a hand-written note on a nice piece of paper can be more powerful than any store-bought card. On the other hand, if you are going to buy a card, I hope you’ll consider buying from CardHero!

Why is CardHero better than an e-card?

CardHero mails you a real, high-quality paper card that your recipient can hold in their hands. You want to send a meaningful message, and an e-card comes off as cheap. CardHero aims to be the best way for you to get a great card easily.

Why are most of your cards blank on the inside?!?

The point of a card is to make someone feel special, and taking a few minutes to write your own message makes the card more meaningful to the recipient.

Who built CardHero?

Hi! I’m Matt and I built CardHero. You can learn more about me if, for some reason, that appeals to you.

Do you design the cards?

No, I work with talented, independent card designers. They write and design cards that go beyond the clichés you find in the card aisle of your local convenience store.

Should I care that CardHero is such a small company?

When you think about Valentine’s, anniversary, or birthday cards, you probably first think of one or two very LARGE corporations. CardHero is different, and I think our small size benefits you.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • I care about you having a great experience: honestly, the idea of disappointing you as a customer gives me anxiety
  • I care about the planet we live on and I think companies should give back
  • I will be the one who hears from you if you’re not happy or want your money back